Christmas is fast approaching, and it is time now to mark your calendars and arrange your schedules in order to accommodate Divine Service during Christmastide.


               This year, Christmas-Day fall on a Sunday.  While many parishes will have a second Service on Christmas-Day, in our Parish the Christmas-Eve midnight Mass will be the only celebration on Christmas-Day.


               The Christmas-Eve Service will consist of the customary Devotions said in candle-light, followed by the First Mass of Christmas-Day, and the Blessing of the Crèche.


               The Christmas-Eve Midnight Mass will begin at 11.00 p.m. at Saint Saviour’s Pro-Cathedral Church, 9280 Number 2 Road, Richmond.


               Following the Midnight Mass, there will be hot mulled wine, Christmas cakes, and food in the Parish Hall before people head home to bed to get some sleep before Christmas festivities begin later in the morning.


               The following Sunday, the Sunday after Christmas-Day, there will be a second celebration of the Christmas Eucharist with Carols and Devotions at the Crèche.  If one cannot make one’s Communion on Christmas-Eve, receiving the Sacrament at this Mass will fulfill your Christmas obligation.


               Bishop Redmile and Archdeacon Krawchuk will be available by appointment to hear Confessions at the Church in preparation for Christmas.  Please remember that we are obliged to receive Holy Communion always in a state of grace; and that if one has any doubt as to whether one is or is not in a state of grace, then one ought to avail him or herself of the Sacrament of Penance prior to receiving the Blessed Sacrament.


               For further information regarding the Christmas Services, or making one’s Confession before Christmas, please feel free to ring the Diocesan Office at 604.275.7422.


               With prayers for God to bless you as your prepare for the celebrations of Christmas, please believe me to be


                              Yours ever in Christ Jesus,


                                                                                + Bishop Robert Redmile,

                                                                                   Bishop of Richmond, British Columbia.


The Conception of Our Lady, 2011.